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Deep Cleaning Tasks You're Probably Overlooking

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We all love a tidy and clean home, but sometimes living spaces need a little extra focus and attention. Several times each year, it’s important to make the time to do a more thorough cleaning - or invest in a deep cleaning service. Far more extensive than your standard weekly cleaning, deep cleaning involves thorough and complete cleaning of often neglected and hard-to-reach spots. Don’t think you need to make any changes to your cleaning routine? Keep reading to learn more about the deep cleaning tasks you’re probably overlooking, from the professional house cleaners at Yost Cleaning. 

The Importance of Deep Cleaning 

Deep cleaning is very important for a healthy and safe household or workplace. The importance of a deep cleaning service includes: 

  • Identification: Deep cleaning can identify emerging health, safety, and hygiene issues that otherwise would go undetected. 
  • Health: Deep cleaning improves the health and welfare of your household and employees by reducing the build-up and spread of bacteria, mold, and germs.
  • Comprehensive cleaning: Deep cleaning doesn’t just remove the top level of dust and dirt; you are getting to the core and the structure of your premises.
  • Non-visual cleaning: Deep cleaning incorporates the entire building, including elements that are not usually seen by the naked eye.
  • Productivity: Deep cleaning indirectly improves productivity by removing dust mites and allergens which can cause families working from home or employees on site to feel drowsy, sick, or unproductive.

How Often Should You Deep Clean?

How often you deep clean your home or workplace depends on several different factors including the size of the building, the number of people living or working there, and the overall usage of the space and the lifestyle of the people in it. 

Here are some basic guidelines regarding how frequently you should consider a deep cleaning service: 

Monthly: For homes and workplaces with many people and a regular flow of traffic 

3-6 Months: For homes and workplaces that do not incur heavy traffic or have a lower-than-average number of people who live/work there 

Annually: For homes and workplaces that have a small number of people present and have infrequent visitors

It’s important to note that these are guidelines only, and lifestyle differences and specific needs may vary and therefore require more or less frequent deep cleaning services. Variables such as health conditions (asthma), pets, allergies, and frequent contact with the outdoors may increase the frequency in which deep cleaning services are required. 

How to Stay on Top of Deep Cleaning Tasks 

The best way to stay on top of deep cleaning tasks is to make a clear list of all the work that needs to be done. Consider all the rooms in your home or workplace as well as all of the various places that are not frequently accessed or reachable. And remember, deep cleaning is about cleaning spaces that may have germs or other elements that are not immediately visible. 

Some people, like to knock off their whole list of deep cleaning items in one day or weekend, and others like to do some tasks or rooms one at a time to incorporate it into their busy schedules. Another very common way to stay on top of these tasks is to invest in professional deep cleaning services

Areas that are Most Often Overlooked 

Your deep cleaning may cover every room in the house or workplace, but there are areas that still tend to get overlooked. These include: 


The kitchen is vital to clean thoroughly due to it being the space where germs can easily come in contact with food. While standard cleaning usually takes care of food on the counter, burnt food on the stove, and any sanitizing needs, some areas that are often overlooked include: 

  • Refrigerators and pantries: It’s good practice to remove all food items and re-organize them (grouping like items, throwing away unused and unwanted items). Too much food increases the chances for messes and the spreading of germs and when you remove the food completely, it provides an opportunity to clean and sanitize areas that would otherwise not be seen or able to be reached.
  • Walls and backsplashes: Walls and backsplashes behind stove tops tend to get overlooked all the time. Very slowly and over prolonged periods of time, grime and grease will accumulate on these areas. Small amounts of splashed grease, smoke, and steam will cause these areas to get dirty at an almost unnoticeable rate - and once you start cleaning them, their dirtiness will quickly be revealed. 

Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are often more clean and used less than other rooms, but this doesn’t mean that they couldn’t use a thorough cleaning from time to time.

first , start with your washing machine. Most people don’t realize how filthy these machines (which are built to clean) can get, and they are very often overlooked. During a deep clean, be sure to clear out the washing machine and dryer vent, wipe down the inside and outside of the machines, and sanitize the inside of the washing machines to remove mold and detergent that has built up from repetitive use and no attention.  

While you’re at it, consider moving your washer and dryer out and away from the wall so you can clean behind them. You’ll not only find a heavy build up of dust and lint, but you’re also likely to find a collection of missing socks.


Quite the opposite of the above are bathrooms. Laundry rooms may inherently be thought of as clean due to their purpose, while bathrooms are clearly a culprit for uncleanliness. Even though you may clean the bathroom often, there are probably several areas that get overlooked.

  • Bath and Shower Drains: All the dirt, dust, and hair that comes off when you’re cleaning yourself has a tendency to get caught in the drain. Without proper attention, they can stick together, along with soap residue, and create blockages. If you notice that you have a frequent problem with slow or clogged drains, it may be because you’re not cleaning them as often as you should. 
  • Grout: Grout is the material often used for installing tiles. Cleaning grout is an important part of maintaining the cleanliness and aesthetics of tiled surfaces. Over time, it can accumulate dirt, grime, and mildew, which can cause it to become discolored. The best way to combat this is by using a product specifically designed to clean grout and then putting it on your deep cleaning task so you don’t forget to do it.

Bedrooms and Living Rooms

These two areas of your home probably receive a fair amount of attention during standard cleaning practices from week to week. Nonetheless, be sure not to overlook the following areas: 

  • Down Comforters and Pillows: It’s usually recommended to avoid washing down as it reduces fluffiness and softness. It is also not an easy task because down requires special cleaning steps. However, this mentality often leads people to put this important task off indefinitely. Although it’s recommended to wash your down comforters only once a year, they do need to be washed. At the same time you can also wash your pillows (as long as they aren’t made of foam). To protect your down comforter and pillows and keep them fresh between washes, consider placing a protective cover over them before adding a pillow case or duvet. 
  • Headboards: Headboards are oddly hard to reach (especially the middle) without getting on the bed. During the process of changing sheets week to week, it’s often overlooked that the headboard receives no attention and is thus a common culprit for germs, dust, and cobwebs (behind and above). 
  • Hard-to-Reach Places: Think of all the places that your vacuum is not easily able to reach - corners, above bookshelves, under heavy furniture, and in the depths of closets. These are all places that will accumulate dirt, dust, and cobwebs simply from being out of reach. 

Let Yost Help With Your Deep Cleaning Tasks

For many people, deep cleaning simply falls off the plate of things to do in the shuffle of their busy lives. Unfortunately, deep cleaning is not something to forget about as it can directly connect with the health and welfare of your family. 

Therefore, a great solution is to hire a professional who can help with deep cleaning services. At Yost Cleaning, our loyal clients have chosen us time and again because of our twenty years of experience, customized cleanings, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and our skilled and trustworthy staff. Whether you need a residential or commercial deep cleaning service or are in need of a specialized Fall or Spring intensive cleaning, our team is here to help. 

Contact Yost Cleaning today to get a free quote on your deep cleaning service! 

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