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Tips on How to Reduce Dust in Your Home

One of the most important aspects of a comfortable home is its cleanliness. However, even though so many of us pride ourselves on keeping a tidy living space, we all fight the battle against dust. Dust accumulates and seemingly comes from nowhere – but is it possible to get a handle on it? How can you reduce it? Read on for a ‘sweep’ of information to reduce dust in your home.

Why is Dust Such a Big Problem?

First and foremost, it is truly impossible to have a completely dust-free home. It is, however, possible to take steps to mitigate its prevalence, and doing so is actually quite important for the health of ourselves, our families, and the guests that come into our homes.

Exposure to dust inside your home can have adverse health effects. The most common problems dust causes are respiratory issues, asthma, allergic reactions, and even lead poisoning (if the dust contains lead).

We won’t dive deep into the extremely negative effects of lead, but it can be harmful for young children: hindering organ systems, neurological development, and other irreversible effects. Needless to say, dust should be taken seriously and taking steps to reduce it should be a consideration for all homeowners.

Why Does Dust Accumulate?

While a main component (nearly two-thirds) of dust that accumulates in your home is simply dirt that makes its way indoors, it is also composed of a variety of particles including hair, dead skin, pollen, dead bugs, microplastics, dust mite droppings, and pet dander. This dust will of course build on surfaces but it also spreads through the air of your household.

Dust will always accumulate over time, but it can increase rapidly from problems within and outside of our control. We cannot control how much hair our pets (our ourselves) lose and how fast it is lost, but by taking actionable and preventative steps, dust can be mitigated!

How to Reduce Dust in Your Home

So, what steps can you take to reduce dust in your home? Part of our focus will be actively reducing the dust that has accumulated, and the other part of our focus will be on taking steps to prevent that dust from arriving and spreading in the first place.

Preventative Steps

As previously mentioned, two-thirds of dust is simply dirt tracked in from the outdoors. One of the best things you can do, therefore, is invest in home solutions that help your family, pets, and friends track off the dirt before it is carried inside. Using mats, steps, and grates before home entry, and encouraging the removal of shoes before coming inside will make a big impact.

Strangely, static electricity build-up in dry homes attracts dust and makes it cling to surfaces. Consider installing a humidifier (keeping 40-50% humidity levels) to remove static and in turn, reduce dust.

A big defense against dust is HVAC filters. Investing in higher-rated air filters (with MERV ratings of at least above 5 will help keep your air clean. Don’t forget to keep those air filters clean and unclogged!

A complement to the above is the purchase of an air purifier. Because cotton and polyester fibers from clothes, bedding, and pillows are a big source of dust, consider purchasing storage bags (space-saving, vacuum-seal bags) to put these unused items into a better location.

Use flooring materials that are easy to clean, specifically smooth floors where dust is removed without much difficulty. Wood, stone, and vinyl are all great alternatives to carpet which often holds a lot of dust.

Action Steps

Actionable steps begin with what you can do with what you have. If you have rugs, carpet, fabric curtains or tapestries, these will be the places with a fair amount of dust accumulation. Be sure to beat or vacuum these often and effectively (a new, quality vacuum is a good purchase in this regard). 

Dust and wipe down surfaces, including houseplants. Houseplants are surprisingly a major collector of dust.

Complete a routine damp mopping which alone can remove around 90% of dust.

Clean bedding and pillows weekly – fibers from pillows and bed linens create dust and capture most of our dead skin particles.

Clear clutter on tables and other surfaces that might give dust a chance to gain a foothold.

Keep windows closed if possible (especially on windy days) – a lot of pollen and dust blow into the house through open windows. And, in relation to this, make sure you are cleaning windows, screens, and window blinds!

If you have pets, like dogs, who are often outside, make sure to clean their paws and give them a good bath (more frequently than they like)! If it can be helped, keeping them off the furniture goes a long way in keeping dust where it can be cleaned easily.

Carry out or hire a routine cleaning service that can clear dust every week if possible. Regular sweeping, mopping, dusting, and vacuuming are your strongest and most trustworthy allies in the fight against dust.

Need Help With Cleaning and Fighting Dust?

If you are looking for aid in keeping your house clean and healthy, we are here to help! Contact the cleaning professionals at Yost Cleaning. We’ve been serving residents and businesses in Northern Colorado since 2003 – saving people time and maintaining reliable customer service, quality, and professionalism.

We specialize in Commercial, Residential, Move-In, Move-Out, Holiday Cleaning, and more. Services are available, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

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