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5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional To Clean Your Vacation Rental

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Airbnb and vacation rentals have taken the market by storm. Travelers are less frequently choosing big hotels and are instead opting for more personal, intimate experiences at a local property. But in the same way that this market is evolving at near lightspeed, so are the services enabling them to be the best accommodation experiences available to date. 

Guests expect a certain standard of cleanliness and comfort when they stay in a vacation rental. This is certainly encouraged by the guidelines of platforms such as Airbnb, but failing to meet the expectations of visiting guests can lead to negative reviews and a decrease in a property’s success over time. Hosting a vacation rental is complex and demands a lot of time on behalf of the owner - it’s akin to running your own business - but that doesn’t mean cutting corners is worthwhile in the long run. Many rental owners, therefore, are turning to vacation rental cleaning services to optimize their process while ensuring the highest quality. 

From the experts at Yost Cleaning, here are a plethora of benefits for hiring a professional cleaning service for your vacation rental. 

DIY vs. Hiring a Vacation Rental Cleaning Service


Many people who are new to the vacation rental industry are tempted to take all the responsibility on their own. It’s their property; it’s their business; they can do it themselves! However, most come to find that the demands of running a vacation rental can be quite extensive, especially when the complexity of their own life mixes into the fray or more properties are opened. 

All the legality and business factors aside, cleaning is a core factor that is required for an operational vacation rental. Not only do customers expect high-quality care, but it must be maintained with each successive traveler who stays - timely and consistently. This means you always have to be on your A game, have all the necessary cleaning supplies, and of course, have the time to do it! For some folks, hosting a vacation rental can be a form of a hobby, but most tend to realize that all the demands on their time can quickly get out of hand, and sooner or later they begin looking for ways to streamline their process. Hiring a vacation rental cleaning service is a great place to start. 

Streamline Your Business

As previously mentioned, hosting a vacation rental is a business at the end of the day. You need to manage customer acquisition, legal and financial requirements, regular building maintenance, and provision of amenities, just to name a few responsibilities. These compound with the more properties you have, and they are made more difficult to achieve when you have the schedule and events of your own life demanding your time. 

Hiring a vacation rental cleaning service allows you to automate another step in your business. With automatic and scheduled bookings for cleaning services, you can ensure that the required cleaning is completed the moment your guests leave. No more worrying about gathering the right cleaning materials, keeping things stocked, and keeping your schedule attuned to the comings and goings of renters; by outsourcing the cleaning, you can keep your peace of mind that all of the required tasks are taken care of promptly. 

Save Time and Money 

A big misconception about hiring a professional is that they end up costing you more money and therefore less profit on your vacation rental. This could not be farther from the truth! Hiring someone to do the cleaning completely frees up your own time so you don’t have to continually be on-site, commuting to and from the rental whenever a customer leaves. In addition to travel time, you’ll also be spending a lot of time cleaning, and, as they say, time is money! Furthermore, hiring a professional cleaner can improve guest turnover, reducing the time between guest rentals. Turnover could be as little as a few hours, readying your property to take customers right away. 

Highest Standards of Quality

Professional cleaning services are just that: professional. When hiring a team of experts like Yost Cleaning who specialize in vacation rental cleaning, you are investing in individuals who have extensive experience and training in cleaning properties. This means that they will do incredibly thorough jobs, remember the small things that you may likely miss, and utilize the most effective techniques in order to maintain the highest professional standards in cleanliness. 

High quality also means consistency: a guaranteed level of cleanliness that can be counted on time and again for every successive customer. In this way, hiring a vacation rental cleaning service is something that can be relied upon to give you peace of mind knowing just what standard your property is kept in. 


While some cleaning companies have standard cleaning packages, others (such as Yost Cleaning) offer a range of services so you can pick and choose what is most important to you. That means you get the exact customization for the type of cleaning you need, done precisely as you need it done. This flexibility of customization extends to their ability to work around your schedule. When you work with Yost, you can schedule cleanings around guest check-in and check-out times, leading to a more efficient business and happier guests. 

Improve Reviews

Hosting vacation rentals is certainly a business, and because of this, it matters how your customers experience their time at your property. If they enjoy their stay and the property meets or exceeds their expectations, they will be likely to leave a positive review; if they aren’t as satisfied, you can count on negative reviews. 

It’s important to note that reviews can make or break your business. Good reviews will lead to return visitors and increased traffic of people wanting to stay at your property, while poor reviews will inevitably lead to less business over time. One way to bolster your chances of good reviews is to have a professionally-cleaned property. Individuals staying in a clean property are likely to feel safe, comfortable, and satisfied for having chosen to stay with you. 

Contact Yost For Vacation Rental Cleaning in Johnstown

Whether you’re new to hosting vacation rentals or you’re a seasoned hand, just about every property owner can benefit from investing in vacation rental cleaning services. Make your rental business more successful and give your guests the best experience possible while simultaneously getting your own time and money back in your hands. From time-savings and improved quality to better reviews and turnaround, contact Yost Cleaning to learn more about how we can benefit your vacation rental today! 

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